Let’s Hukilau and Eat Some Kaukau

1940s-Hawaiian-hukilau-UH-Manoa-Rare-Hawaiian-Photo-Collection1940s Hukilau from the UH Manoa Rare Hawaiian Images Collection

"Oh we're going to the Hukilau. To the huki, huki, huki, huki, hukilau." If you grew up in Hawaii you've danced to this song at least once and probably taught the hula to a friend or family member visiting from the mainland.

Hukilau was a fishing method used by ancient Hawaiians. In Hawaiian huki means to pull and lau means leaves. A successful Hukilau required a large group of people, perhaps even everyone in the community, to work together.

Ti leaves would be tied to a large net. The net would then be cast in shallow water. As people worked together to pull the net back to shore, the ti leaves would shake and scare the fish into the center of the net. Everyone who helped would then share in eating the catch.

Dinner from Costco just doesn’t have the same feeling does it? I think I'll just step out to Laie and see if anyone wants to join in a hukilau.

Hukilau-ti-leavesHukilau ti leaves drying at the Honaunau National Park on the Big Island

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