Hike a Hawaiian Volcano

Hike a Hawaiian Volcano


If you've never experienced sunrise on Haleakala, here's a glimpse of the majestic view.

Whether you want to get a close up look at flames and lava, or just want to get a better view of the island, hiking a volcano in Hawaii is an activity everyone should experience. The unique geological features such as calderas, lava flows, lava tubes and craters are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. There are easy volcano hikes and more daring hikes for thrill-seekers. Below are the top volcano hikes in Hawaii:

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

This park was closed in 2018 after Kilauea erupted, but is now reopened to the public. While some of the more prominent features are closed, there are still plenty of trails and attractions to explore. The Crater Rim Trail, Kilauea Iki Overlook, Sulphur Banks Trail and Devastation Trail are all worth checking out.

hikers overlooking volcano

Diamond Head

There are over 50 hiking trails on Oahu and Diamond Head trail is one of the most popular. There are incredible scenic overlooks and the longest land views anywhere in the world. The hike takes only about 30 minutes so it’s easy to squeeze into a tight schedule.

Koko Head Crater Trail

Also located on Oahu, the Koko Head Crater Trail is a challenging trek with 1,050 steps to the top. If you can make it to the top you’ll be richly rewarded with amazing panoramic views.

Haleakala National Park

This wonderful National Park on Maui offers incredible hiking on and around the dormant Haleakala volcano. Some are quick hikes, while others are 10 miles longs and can take you from sea level to 10,000 ft in elevation.

No matter what volcano you hike, be sure to check the alert levels before you depart as strong gases, eruptions and volcanic activity can close the trail or endanger your safety. Don’t forget to bring some water, a basic first aid kit and some snacks like fish jerky to give you some energy during the hike. There are active and dormant volcanos, but no matter what you choose hiking a volcano is an experience you’ll never forget.

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