What Kind of Fish is Ono?

What Kind of Fish is Ono?

Nice 50 lb Ono (skipjack tuna) caught on a weekend fishing trip in Hawaii

50 lb Wahoo or Ono caught on a fishing trip in Hawaii.


Wahoo fish, also known as ono in Hawaii, is a species of fish that is found in tropical and subtropical waters around the world. It is a popular game fish, prized for its firm, white flesh and mild, slightly sweet flavor. As a side note 'ono is also the Hawaiian word for "delicious." A fitting description for one of our favorite types of fish.

The taste of wahoo is often described as similar to that of other white-fleshed fish like cod or halibut, but with a slightly firmer texture. Its flavor can be enhanced by marinating or seasoning it with spices like garlic, lemon, and herbs like thyme or rosemary.

Wahoo can be used in a variety of ways in the kitchen. It can be grilled, baked, broiled, pan-fried, or even smoked. It can also be used in dishes like ceviche, sushi, or sashimi. In Hawaii, ono is a popular fish for grilling and often served as a main dish with rice and vegetables.

When selecting wahoo or ono, look for fish with firm, shiny flesh and a bright, clear color. It should smell fresh and not have a strong fishy odor. Wahoo can be found fresh, frozen, or canned in many grocery stores and seafood markets. Here at Kaimana Jerky, we use ono to create a delicious fish jerky!

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