September 10, 2015


See the Sea

I was born and raised in Hawaii, and although I’ve been going to the beach all my life, I’d never seen what the ocean looks like 100 feet below the surface. That finally changed when I recently had a visitor come to Kona. Through a friend of a friend (you know how that goes in Hawaii), we got a deal on tickets for the Atlantis Submarine. Although the actual talking portion of the tour is pretty cheese-tastic, the ride itself is amazing. We saw a surprising variety of reef fish and even a mama dolphin and her baby. The water surrounding Kona is just so clean and clear that by the end of the ride I was hungry for sashimi or poke. (I really do see sea food.)

Knowing that the company I work for gets all of its fish from these same waters, makes me so happy. Nowadays, so few people actually know where their food comes from. Can you name the origin of even half the food in your pantry? Probably not. Our gourmet jerky is made with all-natural wild caught fish from the Pacific Ocean, literally our backdoor. I can see the ocean from our offices. How great is that?

Try one of our artisanal, hand-crafted jerkies. Taste the ocean. Taste Hawaii.

August 28, 2015


Kohala Grown Market & Farm Tours

Kohala Grown Market features local, farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, Big Island food products (such as Kaimana Ahi Tuna Jerky), island style snacks, and much more.  We are so excited to partner with another Big Island company. Support Local businesses! Buy fresh. Buy Local.

  • Located in the Kohala Trade Center in Downtown Hawi next to Mi Ranchito Mexican Restaurant

Kohala Grown Farm Tours offer a fun, in-depth exploration of local farms and foods. What we put in our mouths and bodies matters. Knowing where our food comes from is important, especially in Hawaii where “malama aina” or “caring for the land” is a belief that’s deeply rooted in our culture. Check out this delicious Farm to Table tour that includes lunch!

August 07, 2015


Kaimana Jerky - Store Locator

Check out the Store Locator app to find a retail store near you that sells our delicious Ahi Tuna Jerky and Marlin Jerky. You can search by State, City, or Zip Code. Once you locate the store nearest you, click the details link to find out exactly which flavors and sizes they carry. We are constantly adding new locations, so please check back with us periodically. Aloha!
August 04, 2015


August 03, 2015


Jerkyville USA

If you visit Monterey California be sure to stop by Jerkyville USA to get our Ahi Tuna Jerky and Marlin Jerky. They have a great selection of Gourmet Jerky from artisan jerky producers. Varieties include fish jerky, beef jerky, pork jerky, and more. Check out the link to their site for more information on store hours and address.

Jerkyville USA

July 29, 2015


Waikoloa Queens Marketplace

If you're visiting the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii be sure to visit the Waikoloa Queens Marketplace near Anaehoomalu Bay. The many specialty shops will get you set for a day at the beach or a night out. Visit Island Gourmet Market for a great selection of our Ahi Tuna Jerky plus delicious fresh foods, snacks, beer, and poke.

Queens Market Place

July 27, 2015


In the Wine country?

If you are in the Wine country check out VJB Cellars in Kenwood Calfornia for a full selection of Ahi Tuna Jerky and Marlin Jerky at their Gift Shop. Awesome wines and great jerky!


March 24, 2015


New Garlic Pepper Jerky Coming Soon!

We are stoked to launch a new limited Garlic Pepper flavor for this month! All Natural ingredients + Wild Caught Ahi Tuna. So delicious:)