Eat More Honey & Garlic - Boost Your Immunity

While going to school in Taiwan, I got a cold that just wouldn’t go away. During a school break I went to visit an Aunty living in Korea. She took one look at me and then force fed me whole cloves of garlic that had been soaking in a bottle of honey in her fridge. Two days later, I wasn’t sick anymore.

Of course, eating raw garlic isn’t for sissies. (Cause the buggah is small kine strong!) In studies however, garlic has been shown to help regulate blood pressure, fight fungal infections, and of course ward of colds. In ancient Egypt, honey was applied to wounds and acted as an antiseptic. It can also soothe coughs.

Check out our Honey Glazed Ahi Tuna Jerky or our Garlic Pepper Ahi Tuna Jerky which feature these two great, immune boosting ingredients. If you’re in the mood for Korean food, which I am now, check out my favorite Korean recipe site.