Land & Sea Variety Jerky Gift Bundle


  • FEEL THE POWER OF THE SEA & THE MOUNTAINS with Tasty Tuna, Salmon, and Venison Jerky! Savory, delicious jerky perfectly crafted to blow your tastebuds away.
  • PROTEIN-PACKED to Satisfy Your Hunger. Quiet those stomach rumblings and keep fully focused.
  • STAY PREPARED FOR ON-THE-GO SNACKING Keep a bag in your car, backpack, or your kid's lunch box. Always be prepared and don't let hunger get the best of you.
  • EXCELLENT PRE OR POST WORKOUT SNACK Fuel your muscles with a healthy alternative to beef jerky.
  • WE MAKE THIS STUFF FROM SCRATCH Rest easy knowing you're consuming premium wild-caught fish and all-natural ingredients. We use as many organic ingredients as possible and NO preservatives.

You will receive:

  • Original Ahi Jerky 2 oz
  • Peppered Ahi Jerky 2 oz
  • Teriyaki Ahi Jerky 2 oz
  • Lemon Salt Ahi Jerky 2 oz
  • Teriyaki Salmon Jerky 2 oz
  • Original Salmon Jerky 2 oz
  • Spicy Salmon Jerky 2 oz
  • Maui Venison Bar Peppered 1.5 oz
  • Maui Venison Sticks Original 2.5 oz


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