Road Trip!

I grew up on Oahu, so if I drove anywhere for more than an hour I considered it a long drive. Now that I live on the Big Island, I understand what a long drive really is. Once a year when we have visitors, we make the trek out to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. It’s the island's number one tourist attraction, and it takes a full 12 hours to drive there, look around, and then drive back.

That kind of drive requires a cooler full of drinks and snacks. Hawaiians are very diligent when it comes to snack preparation. We taking eating very seriously here. Our fish jerky is the perfect road trip food. It isn’t messy and it doesn’t need to stay cold. We pounded every snack we brought on our last drive out there. We snacked while driving, while hiking, and while waiting for night to fall. The lava flow is much easier to see at night, so make sure you stick around till then.

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